Sputtek Inc. founded in 1994 is a materials surface engineering company specialized in advanced vacuum technologies.

At Sputtek Inc. we believe that the engineering and scientific innovations are the only source for business excellence.

Sputtek designs and manufactures coatings and coating deposition systems and we strive to use our expertise for providing a high quality service for multiple industries.

The company is fully dedicated to engineering and innovation applied to manufacturing coatings for various applications:

  • Tooling industry, dies and moulds, cutting tools
  • Aerospace engine components
  • Transmission systems
  • Pumps and valves for oil fields
  • Pharmaceutical tablet presses


The coating process is carried on fully automated deposition systems that together with the Software controlling systems been manu factured following our own design.

We designed 2 types of PVD machines, utilising PECAP™ technology, 1 m3 and 1.5 m3 equipped with cathodic arc circular sources. Also we are building PVD machines equipped with planar cathodic arc sources or sputtering sources or their combinations.


At the core of our achievements stands our scientists' extensive R&D experience. Through their efforts a proprietary technology Plasma Enhanced Cathodic Arc Process (PECAP™) has been developed which combines applied plasma-physics and metallurgy at highest level.

The uniqueness of our process resides on the usage of several mechanisms for additional ionisation and concentration of the plasma that results in deposition dense coatings with minimal internal stresses in the balance equilibrium conditions.


Typical Coating
TiAlN nanocoating (TiN) TiCN
CrN multilayer (CrC) ZrN

Advance Coating
ERCOTEC TM: erosion resistant coating
V10: wear resistant coating
CUTEX: coating for cutting tools
DC 10: coating for die casting tools
A-Coat: coating for Al and Mg parts

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