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Established in 1994, Sputtek is known for high performance PVD coating services and coating equipment.


We provide low friction and wear resistance coatings for tooling and precision components, as well as decorative coatings.


  • Stamping, die casting, and machining tools for metal, plastic, rubber and wood processing

  • Tribological coatings for machinery components

  • Pharmaceutical and food processing tools
    and components


> Automotive

> Aerospace

> Agriculture

> Oil and Gas

> Power Generation

> Military and Defense

> Pharmaceutical

> Food Processing


We provide pickup and delivery services across Ontario, covering all major cities and surrounding areas. We also arrange pickup and delivery in other provinces and states and abroad.


Our head office and modern production facility located in Toronto measures 15,000 square feet and is equipped with a number of PVD coating machines, Thermospray Cell and PVD equipment assembly units.


In-house capabilities include: sandblasting, microblasting, degreasing, cleaning, stripping, polishing, coatings, after-coating polishing (lapping), and a QC laboratory.


Sputtek understands the importance of manufacturing productivity. With our several PVD coating machines, three shifts a day and in house capabilities of stripping, polishing and coating, we are able to provide 12 to 72 hours turnaround service.

Sputtek Building.jpg

Our PVD technology is based on DC cathodic arc, Pulsed Cathodic Arc, Sputtering and their combinations.   

Our hybrid technological approach, efficient ionisation, mechanical and electromagnetic filtering allows the deposition of the highest quality PVD coating available on the market. 


We offer coating structures such as Nano multilayer, Nano compositions or based on high entropy ceramic systems. When required, we can deposit PVD coatings well in the range of 10-20 μm.


For extreme applications, we also offer Direct and Inverted Duplex processes.
Our Direct Duplex process is based on additional case hardening (30-50 μm) with our low voltage low-pressure ion immersion nitriding. 


For details please CONTACT US

Sputtek is a self-contained company that is developing its own unique processes, coating compositions and coating equipment.


We are committed to our growth through ongoing research and development as well as continuing to expand our capabilities. 

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